Product privacy policy

Our privacy policy includes the following aspects:

What information do we collect.

How do we collect and use information.

How do you choose to provide this information and how to access and update this information?.

The scope of information sharing, security and privacy policy.

The information we collect

We collect your two kinds of information: personal information (associated with a specific natural person, the ability to combine data with other information to identify the specific natural person) and non personal information (other than personal information). Such information will be treated as personal information if we associate the non personal information with the personal information by means of technology and merge with each other during the period when the information is maintained.

How do we collect and use information

Collection and use of personal information

When you use this product for interaction, you may be asked if you agree to provide certain personal information necessary to use our basic product service. This personal information may be combined with other information to be used to improve our products or services.

Below are some of the types of personal information that may be collected and how we use the information.

Collection of personal information

When you open the application, we need you to provide birthday, height, weight, gender information.

When you synchronize Bracelet data, your activity, sleep and heart rate data will be transmitted and saved to the server.

When you synchronize the weight scale data, your weight data will be transmitted and saved to the server.

When you use Apple's health, we collect your motion data.

When you use the call reminder function, you will get your phone call state, but will not get your contacts and other related information.

Use of personal information

Use your personal information in strict compliance with the privacy policy and its updates. Your personal information will only be used at the time of collection, which has been established and approved for any other purpose, and we will ask for your consent in advance.

We collect personal information may be used to provide products and services to you, your order or performance of the contract between you and, in order to ensure the validation function and safety, our products and services to your identity, to prevent and investigate fraud or other improper use.

We collect personal information will be used to provide information and services, such as: to you to show you your own information, sleep information, weight information, information, equipment information, heart rate power intelligent alarm information, user information, calls to remind the target information, skipping and sit up information.

The personal information we collect may be used for the development of our products and services, although, in general, we use only comprehensive and statistical information for this purpose.

The personal information we collect may be used to communicate with you, for example, for the first time when the product or service is updated and released.

We collect personal information may be used to design personalized products, and to provide you with more personal services, such as advertising, display content and recommended in our service designed for you to create or for research.

The hardware identification code and location information to your bracelet or scales (the geographic location information is mainly used to provide you with suitable for local service) can be used to activate your warranty service and specific software licenses, and may invite you to participate in the investigation. We will also use this information to improve our products and analyze the efficiency of our business operations. But we will not use this information to track your location.

Collection and use of personal information

At the same time, in order to operate and improve technology and services, you may collect your personal information, which will help you to provide a better user experience and improve the quality of service.

The following are some of the personal information we may collect and how we use it.

Collection of personal information

Location information - when you use location-based services or features, we may collect your location information. For example: when you use the running function record running trace information and position search, use location based advertising, the use of position information or weather map for function optimization based on your location information may be sent to the server, in order to provide the right to you.

When you first use the equipment information and activate the bracelet hardware or scales of hardware, the hardware only identification code, firmware version and location information about (non personal information) will be sent to the server. The collection of the above information may also be applicable to update your system or software, restore factory settings, etc..

Debug log information - when you choose to upload the debug log to help us analyze the problem, your application debug log file will be sent to the server.

Use of non personal information

We use your location information provided in the running function to draw your location track information, and stop the location information when you end it. We save the location information to the server so that you can view your location information on multiple devices.

How users selectively provide information

Each person has a particular focus on privacy, and based on this, we will clearly point out how we collect information so that you can choose the way to receive information.

You can set up from the device